Our Ethos

Our Approach

Our Ethos

BestLink by Name, Exclusive by Nature

We are eminently proud to say that in 1960, our founder, Martin Oben Sr borrowed just £750 to launch his fledgling office cleaning company. From the very outset his winning formula was to build a company on the ethos of delivering an exclusive yet affordable and irresistible service and to build long standing relationships based on knowledge and trust. To this day, BestLink guards and maintains that founding principle of designing and providing services to fit in exclusively with each client’s needs and Martin’s original desires, whatever the size or nature of their business.

Fifty years on BestLink retains all the advantages of a hands-on family run business but with eyes set firmly on current and future developments and innovations.

Our ethos is to grow and expand by measured progress and firmly maintained corporate standards and values.

Exclusive's Future Objectives:

World Class Service – to capitalise on Exclusive’s established reputation to win new clients alongside the retention and expansion of our contracts with long term, valued, existing clients.

People – to recruit, train, motivate, retain and develop the very best individual talent in the industry.

Reputation – to build on our brand and founders ethos as a highly reputable and trustworthy company with enviable levels of client satisfaction all of which is firmly based on a consistency of approach and service.

Efficiency – to aim for excellence in achieving efficient services to each and every one of our clients & staff on a regular basis and to always be looking for “a better way”.

Risk – to be at the forefront in managing risk and protecting both our business and that of our clients’.

Future Expansion – to research and take advantage of opportunities for expansion throughout the UK and within our existing or additional markets. This will include potential acquisitions.

The ethos so passionately and professionally set up by our founder remains firmly entrenched in everything that we do. We were brought up on it and are proud of it. It is one part of our business model and approach that will not change.

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