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UK Builder’s Clean

BestLink Cleaning provide specialised UK builders cleaning services across residential and commercial construction sites in the UK. Our London  team of commercial cleaners have specialist experience in working expediently on construction sites for a construction company and can tailor their approach to suit your unique requirements.

We work within your schedules to ensure faster handover periods at the most convenient time possible. Each house, townhouse or apartment we clean will look as meticulously cleaned as the last. If, however, you’ve got particular houses in your project that require an earlier handover time than usual, we’re more than happy to schedule in time to attend to that cleaning job first. We carefully communicate with you and your team to ensure we prioritise work effectively and don’t impact any remaining tradesmen on site.

Our commitment to quality

Our goal is to ensure that your building is cleaned to the highest standards, but we go above and beyond that to appeal to commercial builders who need a cleaner they can rely on. Our quotes are transparent and comprehensive with no hidden costs. Our services are delivered in accordance with ISO9001:2015 standards, ensuring we have processes in place that deliver consistent standards expected within the industry.

To achieve these standards, we provide thorough digital reporting with photos and detailed notes. Our team are carefully briefed beforehand on any unique cleaning difficulties they may face with your specific site, and we adopt specialised chemicals and procedures to suit your facilities when necessary. We recognise that each project is different and tailor our approach and number of hours to suit your needs and scheduling requirements.

Your Building Project is Finished Now You Need A Final Comprehensive Builder’s Clean!

BestLink Cleaning Services Will Clean It For You!

So, your building project is completed and you are ready to have it inspected and hand it over to the owners – all that’s left is the cleaning.

This is an important final stage, and handing over a properly cleaned building can make the difference between a fully satisfied client, and an unhappy one. BestLink Cleaning Services has a comprehensive Process for carrying out a Builder’s Clean as well as experienced staff to complete it. We remove every speck of builder’s dust and debris, so that your building is thoroughly cleaned and ready for use.